Welcome to Books4Womyn...

Welcome to Books4Womyn the Website of

Alternatives Women's Books.

Books by or about Women!!!

Those of you who already know Alternatives Women's Books
will know the way in which we operate,
and will be able to get their mail-lists faster by e-mail!

We are based in Cornwall, England
and have been selling books about Women for the past
9 years,
by mail-order, stalls, private viewing and the Internet.

We have a selection of thousands of good quality
Second-Hand (and sometimes some New)
Books By or About Women and sell them at affordable prices...

Our stock is continually changing,
so if you don't see the book you require,
please contact us and we would be only too pleased
to try and find a copy for you!

We do perform searches for titles,
but cannot guarantee finding them,
We do NOT charge for this service!

At present we do not have facilities for credit card purchases...
and will take your orders via e-mail/phone and ordinary pos

"It is time for the woman.

It is time to talk and set things right,

for women to stand up.

And when the world honours women,

the mothers and Mother Earth,

everyone will be better off".

Celia Mitchell (A Mohawk)

Women's Books  Galore!

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Welcome to Books4Womyn

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