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Mahnaz, Afkhami & Erica,

Forward by Robin Morgan. 

Women in Post-revolutionary Iran.

In the early days of the Islamic Republic of Iran, government agents and theologians rewrote all laws and codes relating to women's behaviour. Attepmts were made to drive women out of the job market, and the veil and other restrictive tenets were enforced in the office and in all public places. Yet, in spite of these attempts to socialize them into fundamentalist norms, women have in quite unexpected ways reasserted their role in both the economy and the arts.

'In the eye of the storm' is the first detailed account of women in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Transcending the stereotypes and misinformation that often permeate discussions of women and Islam, the book is based on well-documented research and explores the contradictory circumstances of women's lives. It attempts to provide a framework within which their situation can be analysed and understood.

The contributions cover topics such as education, the labour market, temporary marriage, the commoditization of female sexuality, the representation of women in literature and film, parliamentary debates on women's issues and the strategies used by women to maintain a modicum of control over their own affairs in a society defined and dominated by men.

What emerges is a picture of highly dynamic women who discover and invent ever more subtle and creative ways of self-expression as they contend with a modern theocratic regime which claims absolute authority to determine correct behaviour in all aspects of life.

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Maxine Ed),

Women of the South.

40 pieces from Southern women's lives over the last half-century. White and black, debutantes and sharecroppers, poets and steelworkers, mothers and daughters - their voices are by turns celebratory and incendiary, bawdy and poignant.

Through interviews and first-person accounts, reportage, fiction, and poetry, women talk about growing up and growing pains, about work and family, the traditional roles assigned to them and the new ones they have created in a quickly changing Southern landscape.

'Speaking for Ourselves' is a manifesto of the vitality that charges the Southern world - and speaks to the experiences of contemporary women in every part of America.

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Roxane & Olive,

An Anthology: Triumphs and Tribulations of the single woman.

Since earliest recorded history the unmarried woman has, apart from courtship for marriage, met with exploitation, frustration, ridicule, contempt and pity and, when her achievements have surmounted these social denigration's, with astonished admiration.

Her story through the ages is told in these pages by extracts from the works of illustrious philosophers, writers and by contemporary comments. How men have regarded her is voiced by such authors as Shakespeare, Goldsmith, Charles Dickens, Bernard Shaw and T S Eliot.

How single women themselves thought and felt comes from the words of such famous writers as St Teresa, Elizabeth 1, Hannah More, Charlotte Bronte, Christina Rossetti and Katharine Whitehorn.

This selection, rich in contrast, literary excellence and wit, presents a piece of social history of remarkable authenticity.

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Open University



Veronica & Elizabeth,

Analysis of Women's situation in Britain.

In recent years the impact of feminist approaches has revolutionised almost all aspects of the study of women's role in society, challenging previous assumptions about the nature of gender roles.

This book draws on a wealth of current materials to provide an introduction to and an analysis of women's situation in British society.

In a series of coordinated essays, the authors examine four key issues - the family, employment, education and health - challenging exisiting stereotypes of women's role, discussing contemporary research and providing alternative explanations.

Adapted from the popular and innovated 'Open University' course U221: The Changing Experience of Women, this book is an invaluable introduction to feminist analyses which will be relevant to students and teachers of women's studies and to all others interested in the position of women in contemporary Britain.

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Women on Women




Latin American Peasant Women.

The voices of Latin American peasant women are rarely heard. The triple struggle they face to free themselves from the dependence of underdevelopment, the poverty of the peasant and finally the oppression of being a woman in a male dominated society is told in their own words.

It is a daily fight for independence. The triple struggle must be won, for there will be no real liberation if a new equality for peasant women were only to mean living with their men, equal in poverty and equal in suffering.

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Hamish Hamilton




The hidden world of Islamic women.

As a prize-winning correspondent for the 'Wall Street Journal' Geraldine Brooks has spent six years covering the Middle East through wars, insurrections, and resurgent fundamentalism. Yet, for her, headline events have been only the backdrop to a less obvious but more enduring drama: the daily life of Muslim women.

Perplexed when her vivacious Egyptian translator suddenly adopted Islam's veil and renounced her scholarship to Harvard, Brooks made it her mission to comprehend a culture which remains mysterious to most Westerners.

'Nine parts of desire' is the story of Brooks's journey towards understanding the often contradictory political, religious, and cultural forces that shape women's lives. In Iran, Brooks has tea with the Ayatollah's widow - and discovers that Mrs Khomeini dyes her hair. In Saudi Arabia, she eludes the segregation of the sexes and attends an orgiastic Bacchanal. In villages and capitals throughout the Middle East, she finds that a feminism of sorts has flowered under the chador as she makes other startling discoveries that defy our stereotypes about the Muslim world.






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Lynne & Sylvia,

Gender Issues in Rural and Urban Areas.

"Women in the Third World is a useful introductory teaching resource which provides a competent overview of the literature and current debates. It is compatative in scope and includes case study material and some discussion of planning issues. It is clearly written in an accessible style and will enjoy a substantial readership". Maxine Molyneux, Lecturer in Sociology, University of Essex.

The book provides an up-to-date general account and review of research on the roles and status of women in contemporary Third World societies. The book focuses on four major themes of underdevelopment which have particular relevance for gender roles and relations: the household, production, reproduction and policy. These issues are illustrated with material from rural and urban areas in all parts of the Third World. The book summarises significant ideas and findings on each theme and draws out the main differences among regions.

Lynne Brydon & Sylvia Chant have avoided a narrow focus on particular regions and countries to provide a synoptic overview. In addition, therefore, to being a valuable source of reference for scholars interested in gender and development in the Third World, the book also attempts to pinpoint fundamental aspects of gender inequality which apply to women everywhere. The over-riding conclusion of the book is that women's experiences of development are generally negative and that intervention is urgently required to prevent their position relative to men's deteriorating still further.

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Women's Press




Domestic Workers under Apartheid.

At the very heart of apartheid lies a unique relationship, all the more powerful because it belongs in the home. It is the relationahip between white employer and black servant - who not only cooks and cleans but also brings up white babies, while her own are left in the township for twelve or twenty-four hours a day.

In a series of revealing interviews Jacklyn Cock exposes the truth about the triple oppression of South African domestic workers: of colour, class and sex. the book was so explosive when it was first published that the author; a lecturer in sociology at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, received a stream of abusive phone calls and a dynamite attack on her home.

This now classic study is published in Britain for the first time in a specially revised and updated edition.

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in collaboration with Rebecca Reichmann.

Feminist Perspectives from the South.

At a time when international public attentin is again focusing on the question of population, in part as a result of the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo, it is important that the voice of women from the South be heard - which is the purpose of this book.

Bringing a critical feminist perspective to bear on conventional debates around population, Sonia Correa examines the interlinking of economic processes, demographic dynamics and women's lives. She analyses the detrimental effects on women of past and present fertility management policies.

Turning to issues of sexual and reproductive health and women's rights, she argues for the invisibility of health and rights. She identifies the challenges which women in the South need to tackle and suggests appropriate strategies for political action by the international women's movement around these issues.

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At a time when there is growing realisation that the struggle for women's rights is a worldwide phenomenon, women in the capitalist countries are beginning to investigate the new role of Chinese women.

Katie Curtin a young Canadian feminist and socialist, describes the transformation that has taken place in the status of women in the quarter-century since the victory of the Chinese Revolution. She traces the development of the early feminist movement in China, shows how the Communist Party's whole-hearted support of women's emancipation at the time of it's founding in the early 1920s changed to vacillation when the CP became Stalinised, and outlines the role women played in the civil war and the transformation of Chinese society.

Everyone interested in the Chinese Revolution and in the emancipation of women will find much that is thought-provoking and stimulating in Curtin's study.

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C W S Group Eds).





Cambridge Women's Studies Group,

Interdisciplinary Essays.

One of the most important books on feminist theory and practice to emerge in recent years. Based on the course of the same name at Cambridge University, it comprises four integrated sections, each developing a theme central to the understanding of women's place in society.

To each essay the authors have brought the expertise of their respective disciplines - history, economics, pshychology, sociology, anthropology, physiology, semiotics.

Combining original research with critical examination of existing arguments, this authoritative book offers new and sometimes provocative perspectives on the family, work, the state, the economy, sexuality, motherhood, violence, sex differences, mental health, the nature/culture debate, patriarchy - and much else.

With a comprehensive bibliography, this is essential reading for all those concerned with the many and complex issues raised by feminism.

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Margaret Llewelyn Ed),

Introductory letter by Virginia Woolf.

By Co-Operative Working Women.

'Life as we have known it', first published by Leonard and Virginia Woolf at the Hogarth Press in 1931, is a classic, first-hand record of the lives, experiences and aspirations of working women, whose recollections go back to the 1850's and extend through the early decades of this century.

The women tell of their childhoods - of growing up in poverty and want; or work - begun in most cases when still children; of domestic service, work in factories and fields; of family life - of husbands often old and ill before their time, of childbirth, marriage, death.

The remarkable women who wrote this book were members of the Women's Co-operative Guild, founded in 1883 and a powerful agent in the education of working women. The experiences and aspirations recounted here are, as Virginia Woolf says, a witness to the 'extraordinary vitality of the human spirit'.

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Women's Press




In this classic work Angela Davis brings her passion and scholarship to confront three major crucial issues of feminism.

Women, Race and Class examines the lives and achievements of black women under slavery and of black and white women workers under industrialism, to show that both sexism and racism are deeply rooted in class oppression, and that neither can be eradicated without destroying the dominant patriarchal economic system.

The author analyses the differences and similarities of the experiences of black and white women in our culture, to cast new light on issues including the development of the abolitionist/suffragist movement; birth control; and rape.

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Women on Women



Jane, Rossana, Sarah & Cathy,

Women in Revolutionary Nicaragua.

On 19 July 1979, an insurrection led by the Sandinista National Liberation Front overthrew Anastasio Somoza. For Nicaraguans, the end of the dictatorship brought a new developing political power.

Sweet Ramparts is a window onto the changing lives of Nicaraguan women since the revolution. Drawing on personal interviews, this book recounts their problems, achievments, and aspirations. The framework is the government and women's association's strategies for women. It examines their efforts to integrate women into the once very male worlds of the military, production and politics, and measures this strategy against advances in the family, church, and reproductive rights.

All those developments are taking place in a world of constraints. There is the legacy of poverty and war. And there is, more omnimously, a mounting military threat as the opposition retrenches and the US seeks to bring Nicaragua back into its fold. Sweet Ramparts sets the position of women within this context.







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SOVIET WOMEN: Walking the Tightrope.





Voices of Women in Russia.

In 1917 the USSR was the first society in history officially to emancipate its women. But seven decades later, the heroic tolerance of Soviet women, over 90 per cent of whom are employed full-time, has been showing signs of wear.

From her wide experience and travels in Russia, Francine du Plessix Gray brings us the voices of women doctors, professors, intellectuals, dissidents, party workers, journalists and factory workers who talk about their lives with amazing candour and frequent anger.

Despite 'perestroika' women continue to suffer a startling variety of social injusticies, and there are startling statistics showing the lack of Soviet provision for sex education, family planning and women's health facilities.

Beautifully written, with fascinating insights, Soviet Women is a provocative document on a universal dilemma of twentieth-century life - the paradoxes of women's equality.

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SOVIET WOMEN: Walking the Tightrope.





As Above. Hardback £3 P&P (UK)

First Edition. ISBN: 0-385-24757-5

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ECK & JAIN, Eds,


Women's Press



Diana & Devaki,

Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women, Religion & Social Change.

  • What is the relation of religion to the kinds of struggles in which women are engaged around the world?
  • How does a woman's religion, ethics or cultural tradition affect or define the issues she addresses?

Until recently there has been a tendency for feminist debate to be dictated by 'western' ideas of what the issues are.

These papers, presented to an interreligious women's conference at Harvard in 1983, resulted from an attempt to allow women from all over the world to define the issues themselves.

The resulting topics are surprising and fascinating; moral fearlessness; witchcraft, conformity, success, militarism, water, apartheid, are just some of them.

With contributions from anthropologists, sociologists, theologians, economists and religious leaders, this is essential reading for anyone who shares the hopes for social and spiritual regeneration through the women's movement worldwide.

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288 pages


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Canadian Women's Press



Bonnie Ed),

Women's Domestic Labour Under Capitalism.

Collection of essays that make an extremely valuable contribution to the understanding of women's oppression under capitalism.

Susan Mann, Linda Briskin, Bruce Curtis, Wally Seccombe and Emily Blumenfeld.

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University of Nebraska



Sara & Patricia Eds), 

Feminist Studies in German Literature and Culture.

The eleventh volume of 'Women in German Yearbook' opens with Jutta Bruckner's reflections on her development as a filmmaker. Her essay is complemented by four articles exploring various aspects of films by Bruckner and other contemporary women filmmakers.

Women's writing from the early nineteenth century is addressed in two articles focusing on the role of gender in censorship. Two other articles attest to the continuing attraction of Friedrich Nietzsche for feminist literary critics: one claims his philosophy for a postmodern feminism, the other examines the significance of his 'ubermensch' for Helene von Bohlau's Halbtier!

Two contributions explore Weimar literature: the first examines the marketing behind Vicki Baum's success, and the second shows how Baum and Irmgard Keun's 'New Mother' prepared the ground for the Nazi era's backlash against women. Another article applies Bakhtin's dialogue to a story by Lou Andreas Salome.

The final essay critiques Sigrid Weigel's work on the Enlightenment discourses surrounding 'woman' and 'savage' and proposes the discourse of the body as a feminist model for intergrating issues of race and sexuality. The volume closes with comments by the editors on the role of graduate students in the profession.

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Monique Ed),

Women in the Third World - Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean as a historical and cultural entity is the starting point of the women who have contributed to this book. Not for them a division into European and Arab women. Instead they stress the problems and experiences that bring them together, while being aware of the diverse experiences of women in different Mediterranean countries.

The description of a childbirth in Algeria, that country's reluctant acceptance of education for women and their entry into modern jobs, give a sense of what Islam means to women. In contrast, women in Tunisia, uniquely in the Arab world, already benefit from progressive legal changes, but a gulf still exists between the law and male attitudes and behaviour. Surprisingly, the problems of Yugoslavian women are not so very different from those faced by Algerian or Tunisian women.

Are today's Turkish women amancipated? More and more women in Corsica question the traditional roles of submissive wife and venerated mother. Palestinian women argue that their country's liberation cannot be achieved while half the society stays at home; at the same time, national liberation may have to take precedence over women's liberation.

We learn that the return to the veil in Egypt cannot be seen as a kind of simplistic social regression. Two spanish women recall their experiences of the Civil War when ther and other working-class women founded the Free Women movement. And Rossana Rossanda asks what identity women ought to assume.

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Meanings and Myths of Homelessness.

Drawing upon four years' experience as a volunteer in a shelter, Stephanie Golden offers a stark and startling new portrait of homeless women. Taking us inside shelters, out on the streets, and deep into the lives and experiences of homeless women, The Women Outside uses wide-ranging scholarship to integrate a range of perspectives - historical, sociological, psychological, literary, and mythic - in a wholly original and incisive investigation of women so disturbing we try to ignore them and ultimately turn away.

In their own words, we hear about experiences of a variety of women, Norma, committed to a mental hospital by her husband, keenly intelligent, but fluctuating between violent ups and downs that prevent her from keeping a job; Deborah, who grew up ina close-knit Jewish neighborhood and was discovered forty years later by an old playmate as a bag lady on the street; Ellen, who lived for three years in a box on Ninth Avenue and lost several fingers to frostbite before she was coaxed inside by a group of nuns.

In a cultural analysis that moves from the seventeenth century to the present, Golden explores the truth about and the mythology surrounding the 'deviant' women who have lived apart from family or home - hobos, tramps, witches, and prostitutes - women whise forbidden female power and sexuality made the appear uncanny and threatening. in fact, Golden casts the contemporary homeless woman as the modern witch, who, like all marginal figures, fulfills a definite function for society simply by not being in it.

Asserting that these fears have shaped policy decisions about homeless women, Golden debunks current stereotypes about the so-called mantal illness of homeless women and calls for new public policies recognising that homelessness is by and large a result not of individual pathology but simply of a lack of affordable housing.

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  Carola & Karin,

Thirteen Interviews.

With an Introduction by Gail Warshofsky Lapidus.

The interviews in this book, conducted without the knowledge of the authorities, go behind the curtain of ideology and counter-ideology to present thirteen representstives Soviet women who speak out about their lives. They have a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and views and one of them is a Party member. They discuss their children, their husbands, their jobs and daily routines, their idelas and aspirations.

Conversations as spomtaneous as these rarely emerge from the Soviet Union. They present an unprecedented insight not only into conditions there, but also into how the women see themselves and each other.

Carola Hansson and Karin Liden provide a succinct and lively commentary introducing each woman in turn and giving background information about women's place in the Soviet Union today, where there is no Women's Movement comparable to that in the West, but where women's equality is firmly entrenched in the official ideology, where only eight of the 320 members of the Central Committee are women, though a greater proportion of women work outside the home than perhaps in any other country; where contraceptives are unreliable and sometimes difficult to come by, but abortion is on demand and four out of five pregnancies are ternminated...

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ISBN: 080315654














Young Women's Writings from "Spare Rib".

Collection of lively, angry essays from girls and young women about their place in society.

All (the articles) question the status quo, many bring up contradictions of life at home, at school, at work; about having relationships with boys, or with other young women; about racism and sexuality. the result is a very positive and fascinating book.

(Short Stories - Various / Women's Studies - Culture and Society).

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Girls' growing up in the 50's;


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Beginning with an attempt to understand her own experience of pubs - as a customer and as a barmaid - Valerie Hey looks to historical and ethnographic accounts of public house life in Victorian London, post World War Two Bolton, and rural Herefordshire in the 1960s.

Within these texts, and by relating them to contemporary experiences, she highlights several fascinating similarities which all portray structuring the domain of this social space.

In particular it is an account which owes a great deal to the feminist recognition of the social construction of femininity as threatening and subversive and 'needing' controol via the social practices of exclusion or tokenism.

Underpinning this argument is the insistence on seeing male bonding as a fragile and insecure strategy based on intractable instabilities endemic to patriarchal masculinity.

Patriarchy and Pub Culture contributes to a reading of men as occupying a position of power which can be challenged, and should inspire others to offer some more interpretations of this and other social institutions.

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Ex- Library








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Barbara Ed),

British Feminists on Women in the USSR.

Apart from food queues, political opposition seems to be the only aspect of Soviet life the Western media has any time for. Soviet Sisterhood attempts to redress this imbalance by vividly describing the kinds of lives led by the millions of ordinary women who face us across the nuclear divide.

In a series of articles on an exhaustively comprehensive range of subjects, from maternity care and women's magazines to Russian feminism and the fate of the exiled feminists, Soviet Sisterhood challenges the official Soviet position on women. The women in Eastern Europe Group claims that far from solving the 'women problem', Soviet ideology has actually compounded the problems normally facing women by making new and conflicting demands upon them. At a time of worsening labour shortages and consternation about the low birthrate, the Soviet woman's role as both producer and reproducer is placing her, as well as Soviet ideology under increasing pressure.

Part of the picture that emerges will unexpectedly familiar to women in the West. But the extent to which inequality persists in an avowedly egalitarian society may surprise many readers. As Barbara Holland notes in her introduction, however, 'the point is to try to put aside all our prejudices, and to understand the unique position of Soviet women'.

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Falling Wall



Selma Ed,

Women, Race and Immigration (Conference).

This women's conference on race and immegration was hailed by the Black press in Britain as 'a joyful and optimitic event' and an 'overwhelming outpuring of information and view points' which 'generated a "togetherness" never attained before'.

Women from many countries - including Argentina, India, Nigeria and Trinidad; Ireland, Italy, Germany and the United States - describe their experience of daily life back home and in the new country, of the police, deportation, lesbianism and a range of other issues.

Selma James, whose experience spans the US, Britain and the West Indies, describes and documents how the conference was organised. her original and exciting analysis connects women with race and immigration in a way which is bound to change how these subjects - and women - are viewed in future.

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ISBN: 0-905046-29-3








Adventures in Physical Culture.

With a light touch and an open mind, Emily Jenkins takes us on a provocative and entertaining journey through the dark passages and taut membrane of our own surprisingly physical culture.

Why is it alright to put a gold ring through your ear-lobe, but not your nose? Who are the people breaking taboos around tattoos? Why is it socially acceptible to pay someone to rub your back, but not your genitals?

Emily Jenkins allows us the voyeur's role as she takes us on a personal adventure from ordinary to extreme circumstances. From interviews with freaks, to experiments with sensory deprivation, Emily Jenkins tries everything at least once and the results are often surprising.

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Uncorrected Proof

RRP £9.99


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Women the Family and Nazi Politics.

Numerous books have appeared on the subject of Nazi Germany, yet half he germans who helped to make dictatorship, war and genocide possible have largely escaped notice.

Why was it that German women rallied round a man who promised to eliminate Jews from 'Aryan' society and to expel women from public influence, and flocked to support a party that declared the only role of women to be 'the increase and preservation of the species of the race'?

From extensive research, including a remarkable interview with the unrepentant chief of Hitler's Women's Bureau, Claudia Koonz has traced the roles played by women as followers, victims and resisters - in the rise of Nazism.

Her book is an important contribution to the understanding of women's status, culpability, resistence and victimisation at all levels of German society, and a record of astonishing ironies and paradoxical morality, of compromise and courage, of submission and survival.

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Large / Heavy

£2 P&P (UK)



ISBN: 0413181901



Chaja & Jeanette,

There have always been outstanding women in Jewish life, but they have been overshadowed by the men, not least because of religious traditions.

The authors of this publication perform a worthy service by bringing to public awareness a number of Jewish women who have played an important role in social, cultural and political life.

At a time when the emancipation and the equal rights of women are at the forefront of discussion, it is especially relevant to highlight the importance of these Jewish women. 



ISBN: 1900886022












  LAING. WOMAN ON WOMAN. Sidgwick & Jackson
  Margaret, Ed),

What is a woman?

There are probably as many answers to this question as there are races and types of women, multiplied by the cultures and individual circumstances in which they find themselves.

Here, a mere handful act as subjective spokeswomen - they talk uninhibitedly about themselves, other women, sex, men, their place in society, at work, at home, and in the Janus eyes of the law.

Contributors include: Emma Cockburn, Eva Figes, Dorothy Berridge, Sheila Kitzinger, Nemone Lethbridge, Lady Longford, Lady Stocks, Mary Stott, Baroness Summerskill, Sally Trench and Maina Warner

Fair / Good

First Edition



ISBN: 0283978074














Jewish and Palestinian Women Talk about their Lives.

Beata lipman set out on a journey of discovery through Israel and the West bank. Women both Arab and Jewish, of all ages and viewpoints, talked with her. herself Jewish, Beata Lipman discovers through these articulate, political women, how forty years of war and tension have affected their lives, their beliefs and aspirations.

Beata Lipman visited the forgotten people of Gaza and spent time on a socialist kibbutz, as well as among right-wing settlers on the West Bank whose dislike of that socialism is equalled only by their dislike of the Arabs among whom they live. Jewish women explain how values have changed with the growth of a militaritic state since 1948, whilst Arab women talk about a system which offers them very few rights.

Through Beata Lipman's account of her journey, and through the eyes of these women, the long bitter conflict which is the very stuff of their everyday lives is made horrifyingly real to us.

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ISBN: 0-86358-286-9














Women in South Africa.

Beata Lipman, a white journalist, was active in the liberation movement in South Africa and worked on the banned Congress paper' New Age'.

She left South Africa for exile in Britain in 1963. many years later she was sent back on a film assignment and, discovering that she could enter the coun try without attracting attention, she made up her mind to return, this time in order to record the voices of the women who struggle and endure there.

Most of those to whom she spoke are black, a few are white. In this book, their words come through with a power and immediacy which shockingly conveys the texture of daily life in a country organised entirely on the proposition that the majority of its people simply do not count as full human beings.

Fair / Good





ISBN: 0-86358-034-3



Life and Work at a Japanese Company.

In this extraordinary work of research and informed observations, Jeannie Lo describes her experience as an OL ("Office Lady") and working as a factory woman on a typewriter assembly line at Brother Industries in Nagoya, Japan.

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ISBN: 0873325990












  Sara, Ed),

Looking back at the 1960s.

When the Beatles hit the charts and the mini skirt hit the streets, the world changed. Or so it seemed. twenty years on, twenty-five women look back on their lives during the decade known as the 'swinging sixties', to the challenging days of protest and pop, and the first stirrings of the Women's Liberation Movement.

Their engagingly personal memoirs describe the sheer fun and excitment of thos heady times as well as the euphoris - and the uncertainties - of new freedoms, new struglles: the 'it-changed-my-life' liberation of the Pill; Barbara Castle's days as a Cabinet Minister; trying to be a Twiggy look-alike; the eruption of the underground press with Oz and Ink; Paris and Derry in 1968; Julie Christie recalling Darling.

For many women, it was also a decade of not belonging, of outsiderness: here are Terri Quaye's and Lee Kane's accounts of being Black in Rachman's London, and, in Uganda, Yasmin Alibhai's realisation that Britain wasn't 'home'.

For Michelene Wandor 'the sixties was a time when many people went to pot/except for me/I did not/... I yearned a lot'. These fascinating pieces, combined with Sara Maitland's perceptive and witty introduction, make Very Heaven a wonderful social document.

Fair / Good




ISBN: 0860689581














Women's Liberation and Socialism.

More and more working class women are being pushed out of work and back into the home. the recession has deprived women of their limited right to work and put other rights - to health care, nursery care, abortion - in jeopardy.

Drawing on a mass of statistical evidence, Kate Marshall relates women's oppression today to capitalist society in crisis. Real freedom is a frontal challenge to bourgeois reaction, reformist apologetiucs and traditional feminism. It points the way forward trough the fight for 'a woman's right to work' to a working class strategy for women's liberation.






ISBN: 0-950-8404-0-8









Women's Press





Interviews with Moroccan Women.

"A race of giants doing daily battle against the destructive monsters of unemployment, poverty and degrading jobs".

This is how Fatima Mernissi sees the women of her native Morocco. in this fascinating anthology of interviews, eleven very different Moroccan women, carpet weavers, a professional psychic, women who have lived in harems as wives and slaves, talk about the hard physical work they do in the home, in the fields or the factories.

They reveal the injustices thay suffer at the hands of husbands, employers and government officials; and they describe their aspirations: an education, control over the means of production, birth control, freedom from servitude. Doing Daily Battle at last gives voice to women who have been portrayed as silent and opionless by men who fear the truths.

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Women's Press




Women and Homelessness Today.

The number of families in bed and breakfast accomodation is on the increase. it costs a fortune for local councils to cram them into ancient hotles, many of them virtual slums. But as the stock of council housing is depleted, and mortgage rates rise, more and more people are finding themselves homeless.

Two thirds of the families in bed and breakfast are headed by women. Low pay, private landlords who will not allow childrenn, the need to escape violent men, all contribute to making homelessness a women's problem.

Through interviews with politicians, professionals working with the homeless, and with women living in bed and breakfast, Miranda Miller has built up a picture of what homelessness means in Britain today - and how this government justifies it.

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ISBN: 0-7043-4204-9



For the typical Victorian husband the ideal wife's role in marriage was simple: Her will's indomitably bent On mere submissiveness to him... For the Victorian wife marriage was full of contradictions and double standards.

Some, like Emily Patmore, trained themselves to domestic subjugation, which in her case involved combining a strange and innocent beauty with bearing six children and contriving to ignore her poet-husband's exhaustive collection of erotic literature. Others, like Catherine Norton, whose battle for children led to the Custody of Infants Act, 1839, found themselves reluctant rebels. While the rare exceptions, like the American Writer Harriet Beecher Stowe, achieved relationships on equality and trust.

Hatharine Moore, who was born in 1898 and brought up within the structure of a Victorian family, is well-qualified to examine the holiest of Victorian institutions. Drawing on the experience of twelve very diffierent women in Britain and America, and in the light of the ficiton of the period, she gives an astonishing insight into the hypocrisy, morals and beliefs gevening the lives of Victorian women.

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ISBN: 0850316340













Maggie & Buchi,

Women in Africa Today.

Seen through 90 photographs by Maggie Murray, with a commentary by Buchi Emecheta, the Nigerian novelist.

The collection of photographs in this book shows that the basic things in life - water, fire, shelter, the care of the young and the sick, the growing of food - are almost entirely done by women. because there is no compensation for them, such things are boring chores are called 'women's work'.

Buchi Emecheta insists that, with this huge workload, African women can't wait around for the men to be free: We have to start talking now about our own freedom.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Buchi Emecheta is currently writer in residence at Calabar University, nigeria. She has published several novels and two childrens books, and had been a member of the advisory committee to British Home Secretary on race and equality.






ISBN: 0-907179-09-6



















Women’s Press




Women Having a Good Time. 

A raucous, lively and entertaining look at what women get up to when their men aren't around.

Contrary to popular belief, women without men aren't lonely, miserable or wasting time - they're having great fun, supporting each other, but above all resolutely overthrowing social restrictions imposed on them as women.

Gilda O'Neill's remarkable interviews with women from all backgrounds, combined with her sparkling and accessible social commentary, provide a thought-provoking and highly enjoyable contemporary oral history of popular culture in action.

Fair / Good





ISBN: 0-7043-4353-3
























Women in China Today.

The Chinese revolution ended the hideous practice of footbinding and brought such basic freedoms as the right of women to choose their spouses, to own and inherit property, to be educated and to receive equal pay for equal work.

But have Chinese women attained full equality? In this fascinating book, women from many backgrounds - including peasants, actresses, scientists, a defected tennis star and the only woman President of a university - speak out for the first time on issues crucial to their lives.

Their picture of Chinese society is neither particularly flattering nor wholly negative - and the women themselves emerge as courageous, articulate and dedicated to China's future.

Fair / Good





ISBN: 0-586-06948-8














Dilemmas of Sex and Class.

Feminists - and critics of feminism - have been polarised around an insistent dilemma: are the divisions in our society primarily based on sex and class? Arguing that divided loyalties have been and intrinsic part of the feminist project, Anne Phillips believes we must continue to take into account both polarities if feminism is not to be judged as 'just a middle-class affair'.

The choices that face feminism are complex ones, and often additionally complicated by questions of class. How do we battle for wider opportunities at work while refusing working conditions that are unacceptible? How do we combine our demands as workers with our needs as mothers?

Drawing on historical and contemporary material, the author describes earlier struggles to illuminate our own: the tensions of class solidarity versus sisterhood were felt in sich turn of the century debates as the vote ('A good husband is much etter worth having than a vote'), and over protective legislation at work - sex discrimination or sisterly benevolence?

Today we continue to do battle around such issues with the state, local councils and trade unions, facing difficult choices between what seem equally pressing needs. With boldness and clarity, Anne Phillips focuses on these questions and their changing and challenging consequences.

Fair / Good










ISBN: 0-86068-553-5







  Christine, Ed),

By and about African women, this ia s unique first-hand account in essays, interviews and life stories, of the schievments and struggles of women in Southern Africa, and an informed examination of women's role in Africa society before, during and after colonialism.

The historical backdrop is provided in an essay by the editor, South African exile Christine Quunta, whi discusses theories of the origins of female oppression, in the context of the dominance of matriarchy as a long-standing tradition inAfrica. She also gives fascinating biographical portraits of some of the outstanding women - such as Nehandra of Zimbabwe and Queen Nzinga of Angola - who were rulers and social catalysts in the African continent during a period dating back to 1500 BC.

Contributions on contemporary issues cover a wide range. Women still under colonial rule in South Africa and Namibia explain their perception of belonging to an oppressed nation, an oppressed race and an oppressed sex, and their role in the liberation movements, while other topics relate to politically independent countries in the area, including the functions and limitations of women's organisations as vehicles for female emancipation.

Fair / Good



ISBN: 0850317460



















Discrimination in Developing Societies.

Study to examine how development planners deal with issues relating to women. The first part of the study discusses Western male ideology about gender distinctions and the division of labour, and how interpretation of other societies are used to bolster myths about women's 'natural' place in society.

The author goes on to analyse discrimination against women in development agencies, the distortions involoved in research and data collection on which development planning is based, and the relegation by planners of Third World women to the 'domestic' sphere.

Finally, the discriminatory impact of the planning process is realised in terms of subsistence agriculture, the sector in which most Third World women are concentrated. Barbara Rogers suggests that the failure of development planners to aim incentives at the women who are in reality doing most of the work is an important factor in the disappointing record of so many development programmes anf projects, and that the decline of staple food production in many countries is also closely related to the discrimination against women, who are of such overwhlming inportance to that sector.

Fair / Good









ISBN: 0-422-77630-0














Diana E H ,

Women for a new South Africa.

In these remarkable and long awaited interviews, twenty-four women activists speak od their little-known struggle against apartheid.

Ranging from world-famous leaders to trade unionists, student activists and members of radical organisations, they tell of the price they have paid for their involvement, the terrors they have endured and the dreams they nourish for a new South Africa.

Fair / Good



ISBN: 1-85381-157-2























Joni & Ann,

An International Atlas. Statistic, maps and graphs.

Women everywhere are statistically invisible, and official policies and priorities discount the value of collecting information on their lives. The myth is perpetuated that what women do is less important or significant than what men do.

Women in the world puts women in the centre. It reveals the relative positions of women and men, and women and women, across an international spectrum. It explores the similarities and differences, the continuities and contrasts, raising fundamental questions about who has authority, who has power, and about women's social, economic and personal well-being.

Women in the world uses exciting maps and graphics drawn from sources all over the world. its forty topics include: work - paid and unpaid: marriage, contraception, motherhood, health, wealth and resources; the media, the military and government.

Women in the world will prove to be a vital reference work bringing together information and revealing fundamental issues as never before.

Fair / Good








ISBN: 0-330-29193-9













Women and Men in Conversation.

Why do so many women feel that men don't tell them anything, but just lecture and criticise? Why do so many men feel that women nag them and never get to the point? Why, even when they live under the same roof, do women and men seem to inhabit different worlds?

In this pioneering book Deborah Tannen shows us how women and men talk in profoundly different ways, for profoundly different reasons. While women use language primarily to make connections and reinforce intimacy, men use it to preserve their independence and negotiate status. The result? Genuine confusion.

You Just Don't Understand strikes resounding chords of recogniton and shows us how, once we understand our differences, we can really begin to talk to each other.

Fair / Good



ISBN: 1-85381-471-7














Meetings with Women of the 4th World.

Debbie Taylor, novelist, traveller, and author, takes us on a journey to meet seven remarkable women. In each of seven countries, she lives beside one woman - Hua in China, Meg in Scotland, Jomuna in rural India, Helen in Australia, Lydia in Uganda, Amal in Egypt and Maria in Brazil - learning about her work and her family, her fears and beliefs, her loves and losses.

Varied though their stories may be, their lives are made similar by dual enemies: poverty, which tugs them down to the lowest rungs in their society, and patriarchy, which sabotages their attempts to climb higher.

These seven remarkable portraits show how the humour, anger and sheer resilience of the women at the centre of what the author has called the Fourth World: families headed by women, which now comprise one quarter of all households in the world.

Fair / Good






ISBN: 1-85381-706-6










W Unit



Yvonne Ed),

Stories and Photographs by Women of the Chinese Community.

Containing 8 stories across 2 generations of women. Some coming directly from China, but all reflecting Chinese women's experiences.

This book is aimed at raising and promoting positive images of Chinese Women.

Fair / Good








  Clare, Ed),

Women are major providers and consumers of social services. This book is designed to provide an introduction to the topic of women and socila ppolicy by bringing together important writings from a wide, scattered range of sources - journal articles, government reports, political speeches, and fiction and non-fiction books.

This is the first book on women and social policy that systematically covers all of the five main social services. There are sections on women and social security, housing policy, education policy, health care policy and the personal social services.

A concluding section covers the voluntary and informal sectors of welfare and the importance of women within them. Each section is prefaced with a brief introductory by the editor placxing the readings in their broader context and setting an agenda fro future study.

Fair / Good





ISBN: 0-333-36726-X



















Is the condition of women in society improving or getting worse?

The answer of course is both. In this lucid and subtle investigation, Sylvia Walby, one of the world's leading authorities on gender, shows how undoubted increases in opportunities for women in Europe and America have been accompanied by new forms of inequality.

She charts changes in women's employment, education and political representation and the complex relations between gender, class and ethnicity, between local conditions and global pressures which together determine the place of women both in the labour market and in the wider social, political and economic world of today.

Gender Transformations, the eagerly awaited succesor to Walby's classic, 'Theorising Patriarchy', will be essential reading for anyone with an interest in how questions of gender remake and are remade by the social and economic conditiond in which they occur.

Good / V Good


£3.00 P&P (UK)



ISBN: 0-415-12081-0











John Calder




& the Myth of The Superwoman. Analysis on the Lives of Black Women.

Ms Wallace argues the case for substituting political and economic issues for sexual ones, but shows how the sexes and the races can resolve their differences. Unlike so many other books by modern feminists, there is no note of hysteria, no open anger - but a clear anaylsis of the problems and their solutions.

This is a book of importance, not only for black people, but for everyone, because all societies are mixed and interdependent. Nor can it be read as just a political treatise, because Michele Wallace, a one-time student of John Hawkes, is a real writer, organising her material with clarity and distinction.

Fair / Good





ISBN: 0-7145-3778-0


  WILLIAMS. SOCIAL POLICY: A Critical Introduction. Polity

Issues of Race, Gender and Class.

This major new introductory textbook in social policy breaks new ground in arguing for the centrality of race, gender and class in welfare theory and practice.

The book describes and evaluates the major theoretical perspectives on welfarre, as well as the different strands of feminism and work on racism which are relevant to social policy. The author develops a new analytical framework for the study of the welfare state which takes account of factors deriving from capitalism, patriarchy, imperialism and the international division of labour.

Work, family and race/nation are identified as the organizing principles of welfare development. This framework is then used to re-examine the major developments in the history of the welfare state in Britain from the nineteenth century to the so-called crisis of the welfare state today. Fiona Williams draws out the implications of her approach for current debates about welfare policy and strategy.

Social Policy is an indispensable introductory text for all students and teachers of social policy and administration, as well as students of women's studies, race and racism, and sociology, who want a clear, challenging and poitically relevant approach to welfare studies.

Fair / Good






ISBN: 0745601502


  Juanita, Ed),

Selected Readings.

Recent evaluation and change in women's live's today are in part a result of writers whose painstaking research and real-life experiences have culminated in a new way of thinking.

As a whole, the thirty-nine articles included here offer a multidisciplinary and balanced response to the many biological, social, and personal issues confronting the contemporary woman.

Individually, the authors focus on crucial times in a woman's life cycle, presenting possible answers to controversial questions.

This volume is intended for courses in the psychology of women, sociology of women, sex roles, and women's studies. Each group of articles has been selected to accompany a chapter in the editor's basic textbook, 'Psychology of Women: Behaviour in a Biosocial Content', whose lively and readable style made it a selection of four book clubs and whose comprehensive coverage and scholarship made it the main choice of over 240 college and university courses.



ISBN: 039309068X


Asian Women in Britain.

Here, for the first time, the experiences of Asian women in Britain are recorded in their own words - lives which have been subjected to enromous changes.

In this remarkable book they tell of the past, of present adaption and isolation, bewilderment yet determination, of old and new attitudes to love and marriage, of drastic changes imposed on family relationahips and friendships - of lives, in other words, utterly changed in a new country. And then there are experiences of racism, immigration procedures and increasingl millitancy against often appaling conditions of work.

What emerges is a perceptive, surprisingly and often alarming picture of British society, and - most strikingly - what it means to be an immigrant, a woman and a worker straddled between two cultures. Finding a Voice is an extraordinary book about people whose lives are much commented on but rarely understood.






ISBN: 0860680126









Women's Press



Marijke & Susan Eds),

An Anthology of women writing to or about their Mothers.

Daughters reveal how they feel about their mothers in this warm and inspiring collection of journal extracts, essays and autobiographical writings.

Together, they demonstrate the enormous diversities and depths that make up a Mother-Daughter relationship. Alice Walker, Maya Angelou, Marilyn French, Mary Day, Catherine Cookson, Virginia Woolf, Stephanie Dowrick, Marge Piercy and more bring honest and heartfelt perspectives to bear on the strangth and significance of Mother-Daughter ties.

(Culture & Society/ Short Stories - Various/ Autobiography).

Good / V Good








  Kate, Carol & Roslyn,

Women's Subordination Internationally and its Lessons.

Despite the vast difference between first and third world societies, the subordination of women to men seems to be a universal fact.

The chapters in this book look specifically at the marital bond/contract, and locate the subordination of women in terms of that contract. others examine the development and expansion of market relations and show how that affects marital relations, husbands' control over wives, men's over women.

Good / V Good



ISBN: 0415030196


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