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Bette Midler. Barbara Hershey.

They met on a beach when they were very young, brassy C.C. Bloom (Bette Midler - Ruthless People, Stella) and classy Hilary Whitney (Barbara Hershey - Tin Men).

Through good times and bad times, through broken marriages and budding careers, they still had each other. And together they would face their greatest chellenge... as only best friends could.

Hershey is splendid, and Midler will astound you all over again with her comedic and musical talents in this critically acclaimed box office smash. beaches glows with warmth, humour and tenderness...

The friendship you'll always remember... In the film you'll never forget.

(15) Rating - 118 Mins. Touchstone Pictures. 1992. Fair / Good Condition.








Ellen Degeners - Live

12 (Rating). Universal Studios. 66 Mins . 2000. Good / V Good condition. VHS Video.

Meet the real Ellen!

Live, outspoken, outrageous and out.

For the first time on video enjoy the hilarious and charming lie humour of Ellen DeGeneres and see why she is hailed as 'America's Funniest Women'.

After years of TV and movie work, Ellen is back on the stand-up stage in front of an adoring crowd at the Beacon Theatre in New York.

In her trademark rambling style, Ellen shares her thoughs on the last few eventful years of her life, expoundiing on relationships, society, health-foods and shampoo, offering her delightful insights into everyday life.

To round off the set, Ellen shows she's a natural by taking questions from the audience resulting in hysterical and moving consequences.





Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe.

Mary Louise Parker, Mary Stewart Masterson, Kathy Bates & Jessica Tandy.

Based on the novel by Fannie Flagg.

"One of the most attractive movies around" - Mail on Sunday.

PG (rating) - 125 mins. The Video Collection. 1993. Fair Condition.

Two Academy Award winning actresses in a film to warm your heart.


Evelyn Couch (Kathy Bates - Misery), an overweight, middle-aged woman, is in a rut. her husband Ed ignores her, and even his bedridden aunt throws blunt objects at her!

But a chance encounter with spry octogenarian Ninny Threadgoode (Jessica Tandy - Driving Miss Daisy) leads to an unexpected friendship.

Ninny tells Evelyn an absorbing story of two very different women who lived half a century ago in the town of Whistle Stop, Alabama: the irrepressibly daredevilish tomboy Idgie (Mary Stewart Masterson - Bad Girls) and the demure and good hearted Ruth (Mary Louise Parker - Boys on the Side).

Together they ran the Whistle Stop Cafe - a railside eatery serving good old southern food, as well as a good helping of friendship and laughter... and even an occasional murder.

The events of the past inspire Evelyn to make changes in her dowdy life - the results are often hilarious in this endearing tale of friendship and courage.






Girl Interrupted

Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie.

"The crazy thing is - she's not crazy..."

15 (rating). Columbia/Tristar Pictures. 122 Mins. 1999. Good / V Good Condition. VHS.

Two-time Oscar nominee Winona Ryder (Little Women & The Age of Innocence) stars in this moving and inspirational film based on a true story about one young woman's experience inside a psychiatric hospital.

Questionably diagnosed with borderline Personality Disorder, Susanna (Ryder) rebels against head nurse (Whoopi Goldberg) and top psychiatrist (Vanessa Redgrave) choosing instead to befriend her fellow inmates - a group of troubled young women, in particular the seductively charismatic sociopath, Lisa - a force to be reckoned with, played by Oscar winning actress Angelina Jolie.

Susanna resolves to claim her freedom, but first she'll have to face the person who terrifies her most of al... herself.








Without You I'm Nothing...
Sandra Bernhard. 

(15) Rating - 90 Mins. Electric Pictures. 1995. Fair / Good Condition. VHS Video

Provactive comedienne Sandra Bernhard gives a tour de force performance in this, the film of her smash-hit musical stage show, "Without You I'm Nothing".

The brash and sexy Bernhard dons different personas from New York Socialite to Diana Ross - with a few teasing references to Madonna thrown in - to create an hilarious and biting critique of popular culture.




 General Music Videos - Of Interest to Women





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In Bed with Madonna.
Like you've never seen her before.

(18)Rated - 120 Mins. Dino De Laurentiis Communications. 1992. Fair Condition. VHS Video

Concert footage includes:

Oh Father. Like a Virgin. Promise to try. Express Your Self. Holiday. Live to tell. Vogue. Causing a commotion. Family Affair. Keep it together and axcerpts from Papa don't preach and Like a Prayer.

Few entertainers have been more daring than Madonna, and now you can get in bed with Madonna, as she sheds her public persona to offer an intimate portrait of her world.

Set against the sensational Blond Ambition Tour, director Alek Keshishian is given carte blanche to shoot anything and everything. Featuring more than spectacular concert footage, the audience sees how fame not only alters the artists life, but how it also affects those around her.

Madonna and her troupe - dancers, singers and support staff - form a close-knit group with the singer as its matriarch. The film examines her very special relationahips with friends and family, capturing what Warren Beaty describes as "this insane atmosphere".










Harvest of Seven Years.
(Cropped and Chronicled).

K D Lang 

60 Mins - Warner Music. Fair / Good. 1991 VHS

Featuring rare five performances and videos of friday dance promenade.

Plus candid moments at home with KD Lang.

Tracks include:

Bopalena. Polly Ann. Pine & Stew. Hanky Panky. Johnny get angry. Don't be a lemming polka. Pay Dirt. Turn me round.

Three cigarettes in an ashtray. Crying. Honky Tonk Angels. Trail of broken hearts. Pulling back the reins. ridin the rails. So in Love. Barefoot.




Lesbian Videos - By for or of Interest to Lesbians




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All Over Me 












Gina Gershon. Jennifer Tilly. Joe Pantoliano.

In their World, you can't buy Freedom. But you can steal it.

(18)Rating - The Full Uncut Version. 1hr 44 Mins approx. 1996 Good Condition. VHS.

There's $2 million dollars in a suitcase on a desk in an apartment in Chicago...

Ceasar (Joe Pantoliano) launders money for the Mob. Violet (Jennifer Tilly) is his alluring Mafia Moll. Corky (Gina Gershon) is an ex-con who just got out of the joint.

What's the last thing that could come between a sleazy wise guy like Ceasar and all that money?

A couple of women with bodies to die for and brains to match. They become engulfed in a physical attraction that spurs them to relieve Violet's boyfriend of the $2 million in cash.

Corky and Violet are about to learn the meaning of trusting someone with your life.

And Ceasar? He's about to learn a little something about women. In the end, it all comes down to one question...











Poetry in Motion.








Costa Brava

Girl meets Girl

A Film by Marta Balletbo-Coll
(Also novel of ths same name - Naiad).

15 (rating). Dangerous To Know Films. 1997. 90 mins approx. VHS. Good condition.

Anna is an aspiring writer and performer paying her bills by working as a Barcelona tour guide, while fundraising for her one woman show.

Anna meets a young American, Monserrat, during a tourist visit to the Costa Brava.

Monserrat falls in love with Anna and a tender romance begins to develop between the two strong women.











Forbidden Love 

The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Life.











It's in the Water 

The locals are shocked
The towns in uproar
The homos are on the loose...

(15) Rating - 100 mins approx. Millivres MultiMedia Presentation. Fair / Good Condition. VHS Video

Film by Kelli Herd.

"Azalea Springs is a white Texan paradise only a short limo-ride from Peyton Place abd Stepford. Everyone is rich, the ment are rugged and the women have big hair. Yet scrape a perfectly manicured fingernail over the veneer and underneath lies a seething hot-bed of lesbianism and homosexuality.

Guilty gays meet at Brother Daniel's Turn or Burn Homo-No-Mo meetings, whilst among the ladies who lunch, society girl Alex gets involved in a sexy romance with an old school friend, to the distress of her family and delighted scandal of the community.

Then at a charity do, a rumour spreads that 'there's something in the water' that turns people queer. Kelli Herd's debut feature is a hilarious joy, and the cast - especially Keri Jo Chapman as the divine Alex, and Barbara Lasater as her Lana-Turner-on-acid mother - are sublime".










Late Bloomers

A Film by Gretchen & Julia Dyer.

15 (rating). Millivres MultiMedia. 2001. 108 mins. Good / V Good condition. VHS.

This delicious romantic comedy was a smash hit at Sundance '96.

Set in a High school in suburban middle America. Late Bloomers tells the story of lonely middle-aged geometry teacher Dinah and her blossoming love affair with the Principal's married secretary, Carly.

When news of their 'perversion' spreads, all hell breaks loose. After a particularly hysterical PTA meeting, both women are fired. In true fairy-tale style, they stay together anyway - and teach the whole town a thing or two about self-respect and tolerance.

A funny, intelligent lesbian love story.





Lesbian Lykra

A Collection of Films
Made By Women For Women.

Domestic Bliss (1984) Colour. UK. Dir: Joy Chamberlain.

Dianna is a successful doctor, she has the perfect well ordered house with everything in its place, and now her girlfriend has just moved in.

Emma brings along Jenny, her daughter, who secretly brings her per rats. Emma sets up her own business from home stuffing envelopes, and is interrupted by Rose from next door who escapes the confines of her claustraphobic bathroom by climbing in through Dianna's kitchen window, just before Amelia arrives with her two children, pushchair, dog and countless carrier bags. Add Emma's demanding ex-husband and you have all the elements of this tennis dyke farce and perfect domestic bliss.

Can't you take a joke (1989) B&W. Australia. Dir: Vicki Dunn.

Jenni hasn't just lost her sense of humour, she's had it stolen. The only advice that the police can give is to check out priate investigator Laura Hunt. Unfortuneately Laura was buried two weeks earlier, but Amanda, who draws the comic strip that Laura appeared in, agrees to take on the case.

Reservaat (1991) B&W. Dir: Clara Van Gool. Holland.

Autumn in a secluded wood, two women dance silently through the falling leaves. large wall separating them from the outside world.

She Don't Fade (1991) B&W. USA. Dir: Cheryl Dunye.

Cheryl Dunye is a black American independant film naker, who stars n her own Philadelphian sexual comedy, where she sets out to find "new ways to meet women".

A unique piece of work which has been branded as part of the new "Queer Cinema" and unlike the majority of films that seem to have acquired the "Queer Cinema" label.


(15) Rating - ?? Length.
Dangerous To Know video Production. 1992. Fair / Good Condition. VHS Video.




















Only the Brave










Pourquoi pas moi?
(Why not Me?) 

Amira Casar, Julie Gayet, Bruno Putzulu, Alexandra London, Carmen Chaplin, Johnny Hallyday, Marie France Pisier.

"wonderfully witty, fantastically funny, smart, sharp and incredibly sexy". Movie Chart Show.

A Film by Stephane Giusti. French Film with English Subtitles.


Mothers are always the first to know...


Camille, Eve and Nick are friends who have three things in common: they're all twenty-something, they work together running Lovespace, the Barcelona publishing house they launched, and they're all dependent on Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive.

Although they're openly gay in their everyday lives, only Camille's mother Josepha knows the truth about them all. She and her daughter decide the time has come for the others to tell their parents, too, and organise a weekend house party for a grand collective coming-out.

Eve, Ariane and Nick, after some initial hesitation, agree to the plan... and Lili, their straight co-worker, who is always asking herself 'why not me?' vis-a-vis her own sexuality decides to join them.

Inevitably, all does not go according to plan. As the revalations begin, the parents are forced to reassess their expectations of, and aspirations for, their children. And it emerges that they have some secrets of their own to air... cue humourously scandalous results.

Stephane Giusti's film is a kindred spirit of early Almodovar tales - it gathers an ensemble of disparate characters and forces them to get to know each other, over fine wine and gnocchi, during an explosively comic weekend in Northern Spain.

15 (rating). Millivres MultiMedia. 2001. 91 mins. Good / V Good condition. VHS.














K D Lang. Chuck Connors. Rosel Zech. Film by Percy Adlon.

(15)Rating - 94 Mins. Electric Pictures. 1991 Fair / Good Condition

In a small town called Kotzebue tucked away in a remote corner of Alaska, the lone, androgynous Kotz (K D Lang) meets a beautiful German emigre.

Gradually the unlikely pair form an extraordinary and unusual bond.

Together they explore their vastly different cultures and backgrouonds, their sexuality and their aspirations.

Beautifully directed by Percy Adlon (Sugarbaby, Bagdad Cafe), starring Country & Western Singer K D Lang in a role written especially for her.

Winner Grand Prix
Montreal Film Festival 1991









 The Satin Spider

Forget positive images in this tale of Obsession, drugs, silk and forbidden love. 

France, the inter-war years.

A young dance mistress escapes criminl conviction and psychiatric treatment and returns to the safety of a private all-girls school and her special relationahip with the headmistress who assures that all her girls get very special treatment.

Within this claustrophobic climate of love, lust and jealousy a tale of murder unfolds.

A girl goes missing, a denagerous and elusive police inspector haunts the school, the priest conducts some very strange religious rites and there is a midnight party that culminates in cross-dressing and finally death.

(18)Rating - 90 Mins approx.

Dangerous To Know Productions. 1995 Fair/Good condition.







Show me love

15 (Rating). Momentum Pictures. 86 mins. 4x3 letterbox format. Swedish English subtitles. Good / V Good condition. VHS Video.

Elin and Agnes both yearn for more than the small town of Amal can ever seem to offer. Elin has the popularity, the boys adoration and all the right friends but secretly despises the superficiality of it all.

Agnes is the class nerd, with no friends, a secret crush and a mother making her life even worse than it already is...

When Elin and Agnes start to talk the night of Agnes' disastrous birthday party, nothing will ever seem dull or mundane again.

Show me love is a contemporary love story about longing, the joy and pain of being in love, the comical and heartbreaking aspects of growing up and the courage it takes to be different.

The first feature film from director Lukas Moodysson is one of Sweden's critically acclaimed film successes.

Memphis Fil presents "F***ing Amal aka Show me love". Alexandra Dahlstrom, Reecca Liljeberg, Erica Carlson, Mathias Rust...






Skin Deep 












Some Prefer Cake.

A Film by Heidi Arnesen.

"Tasty titilating and true to life"- Icon

Kathleen Fontaine, Tara Howley, Desi del Valle, Leon Acord and Machiko Saito.

15(rating). An Up All Nite Productions. Millivres MultiMedia. Wolfe Video. 1998. 95 mins. Good / V Good condition. VHS.  

Set in San Francisco, this fast paced comedy follows best friends Sydney and Kira along intertwining paths of sex, food and relationaships.


Kira, an aspiring, not-so-funny, lesbian comic, spends most of her energy on dating.

Her straight pal Sydney, a restaurant critic, asserts that the average woman, given the choice between a nice piece of chocolate cake and sex, will always go for the cake.

Add a dash of romance, a pinch of drama and a heaping of intrigue and you've got a recipe for an irresistably scrumptious comedy.








The Killing of Sister George

Beryl Reid, Susannah York.

From the director of "what ever happened to Baby Jane" (Robert Aldrich) comes this gritty adaption of Frank Marcus' play.

June Duckridge (Beryl Reid) is an ageing actress whose life is falling apart.

The character she plays in a TV soap series is about to be killed off, and the only job offer she's received is to be the voice of Clarabelle Cow.

Worse still she suspects her young lover (Susannah York) of having an affair.

Made in 1969, this is one of the first commercial films to deal with the previously taboo subject of lesbianism and with Aldrich's masterful handling of the subject, it makes for a powerful and moving drama.

18(Rating). Braveworld. Spotlight Films. 136 mins. 1992. Fair condition. VHS Video.


The Monkey's Mask.

A Film by Samantha Lang.

The Monkey's Mask follows the story of street-smart, out of work Jill Fitzpatrick (Susie Porter) hired to work on the case of a missing young female student, Mickey.

When the case becomes a murder hunt, Jill is hurled into a passionate liason with Mickey's poetry lecturer Diana (Kelly McGillis) and enters the surprisingly seamy underworld of poetry, looking for clues.

Blinded by her new infatuation, Jill is compromised in her search for the truth... until her own life is in danger.

Susie Porter, Kelly McGillis

Based on the novel in poetry by Dorothy Porter.

18(Rating). Momentum Pictures World Cinema Collection. 90 mins.

Fair / Good condition. Widescreen VHS Video.





Thin Ice  











There's a first time for everything.

The Incredibly
True Adventures
2 Girls in Love.


(15)Rating - 95 Mins. Feature Film Company. 1997 Good/V Good Condition.

This acclaimed coming-of-age comedy is the story of two teenagers who unexpectedly experience the excitement, surprise and romantic fantasy of first love.

Randy (Laurel Hollowman), a rebellious working class tomboy, meets the beautiful, well-to-do Evie (Nicole Parker) and the two girls discover a first love that affects their lives in ways they never imagined, matter-of-fact, funny and sincere.








Well Sexy Women 

A Lesbian Guide to Sexual Health

A Pride Video Production in association with The Terrence Higgins Trust.

18 (rating). Pride Video Productions. 2001. 108 mins. Good / V Good condition. VHS.

Well sexy women has been prepared with the advice and support of the Terrence Higgins Trust, Britain's leading HIV/AIDS charity.

Warning - This video contains sexually explicit scenes.

It uses highly erotic sex scenes and informed discussion groups, to address the central issues of lesbian sexual health. In particular, it clears up many of the myths surrounding lesbians and HIV transmission.

This programme contains sexually explicit scenes, including explicit demonstrations of lesbian sex and should be viewed by, a lesbian audience only.

If you're likely to be offended by its content - Don't Watch It!





When Night is Falling.

Pascale Bussieres, Rachel Crawford and Henry Czerny.

Passionate, lyrical and erotically charged, When Night is Falling is a unique and moving love story by Patricia Rozema, director of I've heard the Mermaids Singing.

The story centres around Camille (Pascale Bussieres), a professor of mythology in a Christian college who is engaged to Martin (Henry Czerny), a supportive and conventional man.

Her future seems decided until a chance meeting in a launderette with the enigmatic Petra (Rachel Crawford), a sxy circus performer who flirts outrageously and 'accidently' switches their bags of washing.

Intrigued by Petra's love of life, her beauty and charm, Camille is shocked to acknowledge the pleasure she experiences with his magnetic woman.

Struglling against a desire which challenges her every belief, she finds her life turned upside down and realises she must make a choice. Should she stay with her secure job and fiance?

Or should she run away to the magical world of the circus and into the arms of the dazzling and passionate Petra?

18 (Rating). Tartan Video. 1996. 96 mins. Good / V Good condition. VHS Video.

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